When There Just Isn't Enough Of Mummy To Go Around

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Having more children than hands means I never quite give enough time to each of the children when your trying to sort something with one child there is nearly always another child trying to get your attention, but saying that most of the time the boys will quite happily occupy themselves while I'm sorting Alice and we plod along. Over the last week the bugs hit the Jellyfish house. Hoping that after Ethan getting ill he would be the only one poorly was wishful thinking as Oscar ended up being a lot worse that Ethan. This was the first time it was totally obvious that there wasn't enough of me for all of them.

Wednesday morning I woke up to my littlest boy climbing in bed with me with a raging temperature feeling very sorry for himself. You could just tell he wasn't quite right. So I rearranged my day I could look after him. After Ethan's projectile vomit on my rug a few days earlier I didn't fancy being out and about with a vomiting child. Calpol was our best friend and managed to keep his temperature down but he didn't really eat anything and slept most of the day. When it was time for bed I gave him some calpol and I took the bottle back to the kitchen he was sick then picked up his favourite toy and headed bed.

You always know when Oscar wants to sleep as he gets his favourite toy his Nana Elephant (its a boy elephant he named him when he was about 9 months old and the name stuck). Nana Elephant is totally disgusting its a little toy elephant that has been chewed, pulled and even been for a swim in puddles and the toilet. I have to frequently scoop him up in the washing without Oscar seeing for a quick ride in the washing machine. He also has had to be sewn back together and patches made due to his ripped pj's. Oscar does NOT sleep without Nana. If by some miracle he falls asleep without him he wakes up crying looking for him.

Nana Elephant - Pre repair
At 2am we had a little visitor to our bed Oscar and Nana Elephant. He snuggled himself in between us and by 3am he was burning up again time for more calpol. At 3.30 I'd had enough of being kicked as he tossed and turned inbetween us and thought it would be better to put him back in his own bed. As I carried Oscar and Nana down the landing the projectile vomit that we had had from Ethan a few days earlier hit Oscar. He was sick all over himself, me and Nana.

We a little help from the hubby so I didn't get sick on the carpet me and Oscar were stripped off and into the shower and the sink for Nana. I dressed Oscar and tried to clean up Nana the best I could but he was soaked. I was doing my best to towel dry him and I thought Oscar had wanted to help but instead he wrapped his little elephant up in a towel and took him to bed. He was already asleep by the time I had but new pj's on and gone to check on him.

Thursday came and it was such a nice day. Oscar was still poorly but a little better than the day before. Ethan was totally better and ready to play. He wasn't to go to the park but I couldn't really take Oscar which meant he spent most of the day frustrated. Oscar still didn't want to eat and anything he did eat didn't want to stay down. Thursday night into Friday morning might have been the time I've felt most torn.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but my husband is a HGV driver so I don't really have the opportunity to get him to help me if we have a bad night with the kids as he needs to make sure he gets enough sleep so he doesn't fall asleep at the wheel. As soon as I went to be Oscar developed a strange cough but every time he coughed he cried. I got up to him a good 5 or 6 times before Alice started crying too. She is teething and it was bothering her. I spend about 4 hours swapping between being in with Oscar to being back in my own bed next to Alice (she's in a bedside crib). Hubby didn't hear a thing.

Friday came and I was grateful that Friday is a nursery day for Ethan and he had been sick free long enough to be allowed back. I hate other people looking after my kids so I can do stuff but today I was exhausted and I knew Ethan was frustrated that we couldn't do anything during the week so he was excited to go and play with his friends. He was that excited he ran into nursery without saying bye.

A day of eating junk (sorry Slimming World I synned big time) and snuggles on the sofa with a still poorly Oscar and a grumpy teething Alice were just what we needed all needed. It's a lot easier when you have have enough hands for kids but we get though it. The weekend was much easier because it was Daddy's weekend off. Yay two extra hands.


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