She's Not A Baby Anymore

Alice my baby girl is growing up. I hadn't realised how much until this last week well maybe I have noticed but just didn't want to admit that she is no longer a baby.

Alice at around 2 weeks old

There is nothing like meeting a new baby to make you realise how much your own baby has grown up. A few weeks ago we took the Jellyfish to meet there new baby cousin Florence. Although there wasn't a lot of difference in size Florence and Alice. Alice was a lot more filled out, stronger and so much more aware of her surroundings.

Alice at 6 months old

Over the past few weeks Alice seems to have grown up loads. We been weaning and she loves her food. She has always loved toys but as she can now sit up she can play even more. She now gets frustrated being left in her chair. Rather than always wanting to be with me she loves being close to her big brothers. Sometimes she just watches then and other times she joins in trying to play or babbling to them.

Sweet potato - yum yum

The biggest change came this week where we moved her out of her bedside crib and into her own room and her cot. Honestly it is a job I've been putting off partly because she is an amazing sleeper. She loves a good 10-12 hours a night and partly because I love having her so close. I keep being told by my husband that he catches us holding hands in the night when he gets up for work. But I had to face the fact she had outgrown her crib and now she can sit up it was dangerous to keep her in it any longer.

1st night at home
I have literally done everything to put off the big move to her own room. Some were totally out of my control like the delivery date being constantly changed but once it arrived I decided we needed better curtains so would wait until they arrived too. The curtains arrived Monday so Monday was spent tidying up and re arranging. Her room had been used as a bit of a dumping ground since we moved in nearly a year ago but now it is a beautiful little nursery for our little girl.

To my surprise on Monday night she went down to sleep no problems and slept all night. I think we heard one little peep from her before we went to bed but by the time we got to her she had already settled herself back to sleep. Now I wonder why was I so afraid? She has slept well for the past three nights and doesn't even seem bothered by the change. Maybe she doesn't need me as much as I thought she did.  

I think I am trying to hold on to her being a baby a little more than I should. When I had Ethan I knew he wouldn't be the last baby I had and even when we had Oscar we wanted to say he was our last but I don't think either of us were ready to say we are done. Now I have Alice I know that she will be our last baby and I'm not ready to let go just yet.

Mummy and Alice

I might not be ready to let go but Alice is ready to grow and discover new things. Her personality is growing everyday along with her awareness for everything around her. She's very nosy when we are out and loves to laugh and smile at her big brothers. She has pretty much perfected rolling and sitting up but she does get a little distracted when she spots a toy a little out of reach. She loves to play and we keep finding new toys for her to try which is a slight advantage of being the third child her big brothers have loads of good toys to try.


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