We Solemnly Swear We Are Up To No Good

The boys have learnt to work together. Although I am happy they are finally playing as a team. Team work equals mischief.

Ethan and Oscar although they care for each other never really play together. When Oscar was born Ethan wasn't interested in him and instead he built an amazing bond with his Daddy. Doing jobs together fixing stuff while I looked after a newborn Oscar. This bond has continued and now Oscar is old enough to realise he is being left out and wants in.

Working with Daddy

Admiring their handy work

To Ethan Oscar is a bit of an inconvenience, he's the annoying little thing that wants to take his toys and the one he gets most angry with but he does care really. To Oscar Ethan is his world. If Oscar asks for anything from the kitchen he will always ask for one for Ethan to. He misses him when he is at nursery and is excited when we go an pick him up. Even though they will be back fighting when they both get home.

Over the past few weeks we have noticed them working together a little bit more. I think it is down to the fact that they can communicate better, Oscar is now talking a lot more and he also understands more too. This better communication can only lead to trouble.

One night last week the boys were in bed or so I thought and I was in my bedroom putting ALice down. I saw a little face appear at the door but they hadn't seen that I had seen them. They quickly disappeared on to the landing. I could hear whispering and footsteps then it all went quiet. Assuming they had gone back to bed I just left them to it. But they hadn't gone to bed they had sneaked downstairs past Daddy who was watching tv and hidden under the dining room table. I'm not sure what the next part of the plan was but they were caught as Oscar can't help but giggle when his is doing something he shouldn't.

The next thing that was a little fishy was a full box of smashed eggs on the kitchen floor. I know I left them out of Oscar's reach but I didn't leave them out of Ethan's. Ethan didn't quite admit that he had smashed the eggs so be slightly suspect a joint effort, of Ethan moving the eggs into Oscar's reach and Oscar pulling them down where they smashed.

Yesterday saw them trying to work my computer but when they couldn't work out how to get YouTube on resorted to them emptying a coin jar all over the desk instead.

Trying to work the computer

We give up we'll empty the coins instead

Bedtime sabotage was the best they have worked together yet. They sneaked out of the bunk beds as quiet as can be and were actually just playing with the toys in the bedroom. I thought they were asleep so wouldn't have checked on them until I went to bed but someone decided to tip out a whole box of toys with a giant crash. When I went in I saw Oscar sat in the middle of the floor with all the toys and no sign of Ethan, I went in every room in the house to look for him worried that he might have gone outside when I had gone to the garage to put the clothes in the dryer. I couldn't find him anywhere. I went back to the room to check and Oscar was pointing to an upside down box, this was where Ethan was hiding.

I know this is just the the start, I'm happy they are working together would love it to be them playing nicely together but I have two boys this was bound to happen at some point. Whatever they get up to I'm certain they will keep me on my toes for years to come.


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