Turning 30, Weaning and Lots of Poo!

At the weekend I turned 30. It didn't exactly go to plan but anyone on maternity leave will know that maternity pay is rubbish and hardly leaves any room for anything spare. So plans got smaller and we ended up having a day at home with the kids. Hubby did spoil me the day before with a shopping trip which resulted in 5 new pairs of shoes (couldn't decide which ones I preferred and I love a bargain) and a little Primark spree as I'm currently trying to lose weight and however much I would love to buy a whole new wardrobe a few little bits to see me through until I get to where I want to be is enough for now.


Birthday celebrations came to a crashing end at 1am this morning with the arrival of the biggest Jellyfish to inform us that his bedtime pull up was full of poo. It wasn't just a bit of poo, a full pull up full of liquid poo. In trying to change him I managed to cover our entire bathroom and he managed to fill his potty with more poo. I have to say I can cope with the most disgusting explosive nappies but there is something about a potty full of poo that makes me feel totally sick. I have to say emptying a potty is my least favourite mummy duty EVER! Quick shower and back to bed for the poorly Jellyfish.

My kids are very rarely poorly, they have the odd cold and snotty nose but its very rare that they are actually sick or have the runs. The were all sick as babies as all three have suffered from reflux but its a different kind of sick to poorly sick. It totally takes me by surprise when the kids are actually poorly. I can only think of a couple of times in his nearly four year life that Ethan has been poorly. I was keeping my fingers crossed that we were over the worst of it and he'd be feeling better by the morning.

He wasn't better by the morning. He still asked for his morning milk so I thought he must be feeling slightly better. Milk was a big mistake. It came back up. He was sick all over the living room rug. YUCK! Back to the shower for the poorly one and the garden for the rug. Our house backs on to a path used by dog walkers and bet some were wondering what the hell I was doing power washing my rug.

After this he perked up and we had nothing in to eat so three kids and mummy ready for a walk to the shop for bread and milk, as the kids wanted beans and sausages on toast and bad mummy had forgotten to buy bread.

It was today that I decided would be a good day to trying Alice on some food other than baby rice or porridge. I don't know why I pick already stressful days to try things like this but this was the day. On today's menu - Sweet Potato. It will probably be what she is having for the rest of the week because we made enough of it. Half a sweet potato went into the steamer for about 15 mins then we were ready to blend. My mum picked me up a Nutribullet Baby in Morrisons sale so it was time to give it a try. With Ethan I tried making my own baby food and he refused to eat it I couldn't get it smooth enough so used jars and went straight to jars with Oscar. As we are currently eating a lot of vegetables and cooking most things from scratch I thought it might be more cost effective to make my own baby food.

Puree made it was time for the littlest Jellyfish to try Sweet Potato for the first time and she loved it. She ate a lot more than I expected her to. The puree was really smooth and she didn't gag on it like the first time I tried homemade baby food with Ethan. I made quite a big batch of Sweet Potato so she can have this for a few days and then we will try something else.


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