Sometimes I Forget He Is Only Three

My first born, my eldest child is three years old well three and a half. he goes to nursery, starts school in September, he is a big brother to two younger siblings, he's very independent and seems
more grown up than three. But I sometimes forget that he is only three.

It's Monday and Daddy is having a long weekend and we asked Ethan what he would like to do. We were expecting him to want to go to the park or ride his bike  or do jobs with Daddy (that is there 'thing' they work on Daddy's motorbike or wash the car) but no he picked painting. Even though I love crafting in my craft stash I don't have much stuff that is child friendly. So it was a trip to the shops for paints, brushes, paper and a big box of craft bits.

We were ready to craft. Unfortunately the previous weeks bugs had caught up with Daddy and I was about to paint with three children without an extra pair of hands.  I was even going to paint with Alice as I had been meaning to do hand and foot prints with her for ages.

Dining table covered in paper, boys wearing some of  Daddy's old work t-shirts as aprons and Alice stripped down to her vest. Time to let the painting commence.

Note to self a two year old does not need a pot of water to clean his paint brush he doesn't care about mixing the colours but he will quite happily tip the water out.

It was all going really well until Oscar got grumpy as he needed a nap and Alice decided to poo out of her nappy. By this time Ethan had moved on from the paints and was finding things to stick on a paper plate to make a monster. I moved from the dining room to the living room to sort out the other two. BIG MISTAKE!!!

With baby feed and toddler falling asleep watching Peppa Pig I went back to help Ethan with his monster but he had given up on the monster and painted the baby walker, the wall and my computer desk to name a few. I told him what he had done was very naughty and he helped me put all the craft stuff away. He had such a sad face and it was my fault really for leaving him unsupervised as he is only three.

Before the paint everywhere incident we had managed to get some good prints and I had a spare photo frame and set at putting them nicely in a frame. Ethan sat watching the whole time and I felt really guilty that he wasn't crafting due to my incompetence. The frame turned out better than expected.

I remembered that I had ordered some Toucan Craft boxes a while ago to do with Ethan an as everyone was sleeping and I had terrible mum guilt this was the perfect time to make one. We had a kit to make a bunch of flowers even though he needed a bit of help he seemed to enjoy making them. I just enjoyed some actual one on one time with my biggest boy. This is something I never get to do as he much prefers jobs with Daddy than doing stuff with me and I always have another small person wanting attention.

 I now realise however grown up he seems he is still a little boy. He doesn't not yet know when playing turns into something naughty and gets carried away by the excitement. He is smart, senstive and loving with a fun cheeky side but with us having his siblings quite close together he has had to grow up quickly. He will always be my little boy and my big boy. I currently have the bunch of flowers we made on my computer as a reminder that I should not forget that he is only three.


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