Our 2018 Goals - Time for Adventures

As a family our New Years Resolution is to have adventures. We have spent the last few years either expecting a baby or looking after a new baby and this year we are not. We are no longer tied by feeding routines or children with different nap times. We feel like we have been putting off getting out and doing things and making memories. Making excuses like we have housework and washing to do. But this year we have decided to make the time to get outdoors with the kids and have adventures.

I love all things Disney and by the end of the year would love to have an adventure book like the one in the film Up, full of all the places we have explored this year. I can't wait to get the kids outdoors in all weathers.

1st January 2018 - Beacon Fell

Bright and early on New Years Day we packed up the car with a baby carrier (for Alice), warm suits and wellies for the kids and walking boots for myself and Daddy Jellyfish. It was cold, windy and a little bit wet but we did it we went for our first 'Adventure' of 2018 as a family.

At the top

We all made it to the top of the fell, although I didn't expect Oscar's little legs to get him all the way to the top. On the way we found shelters made from branches in the woods that the boys explored and looked out for the wooden carvings hidden among the trees.

Daddy and the boys
Daddy and Oscar
Mummy and Alice

We made it nearly all the way back to the car until Oscar fell in the mud not just once but twice. He also lost his welly and ended up with a sock full of mud (good job we had bin bags in the car)

Oscar pre mud fall

It didn't matter that we were cold or full of mud. It was just good to be together having fun.


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