My Worst Nightmare

As a mummy to two boys I think I have always expected that I will have numerous trips to A&E for play related injuries as my husband likes to frequently let me know how much time he spent there as a child. I'm not quite sure how I will cope when one of them breaks a bone (I say when because it's only a matter of time before they are comparing how many broken bones and X-rays they have had with daddy) but now I know how I cope when one on them has a head injury and that is I panic.

I was Wednesday, a nice sunny day. We had already been out and got some shopping and had some dinner. I was busy sorting out the kitchen, the boys were playing in the garden and Alice was watching me from her walker. I had already warned the boys about climbing as they had pushed the slide up to the playhouse to sit on the playhouse roof.

Then it happened, I heard the cry. Not a normal cry, not the cry when your brother steals your favourite toy but the cry that tells your baby boy is actually hurt. I ran outside to find Oscar on the concrete his had decide to put his quad bike on the back step and climb on top of it. As he looked up at me blood was pouring down his face and I panicked.

I scooped him up, put him on the sofa and tried to clean him up as best I could with a wet tea towel but the blood was still coming. I frantically tried to call hubby along with a few family members to get some advice and got through to our doctors surgery who advised me to take him straight to A&E. By this time Oscar was quite sleepy which I wasn't sure if it was down to him banging his head or that it was probably nap time.

I got Ethan to help me pack a for us to take with us to hospital. He is usually quite reluctant to help but I think he knew that he needed to help mummy today. It'd not easy trying to remember everything you need to leave he house with three little ones especially when you don't know how long you are going to be out for. Just as I was putting the pram in the car I got a call to say my brother in law was coming round to watch Ethan and Alice until hubby got home. Which was a real relief. Ethan told me to make sure I looked after Oscar at hospital.

Oscar had fallen asleep but seemed to make a miraculous recovery when his uncle turned up. Which made me feel like I had made a big drama out of it. He was back to being drowsy in the car.

We were booked in straight away at A&E which might have been something to do with Oscar still being covered in blood. He wouldn't let me clean him up and everytime he saw the blood on the tea towel he got upset. We were seen by triage very quickly. Oscar really perked up when he had somewhere new to explore.

By the time we saw the doctor he was back to his old self. The doctor was really good with him she had a lego superman torch which she let him play with while she cleaned up his wound and dressed it. His wound was dressed and we were given some head injury advice. He was luckily he only came away with a cut and probably a bug headache.

It's safe to say he gave us a big fright and I'm sure there will be more to come as he has not learnt his lesson he actually seems to be climbing more than ever now.


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