I've gone back to work

I've been back at work for two weeks and although I was looking forward to adult conversation, actually using my brain and being able to contribute financially to our house again. I don't think I was ready to go back.

This is the third time I have gone back and each time has been different. With Ethan I took 10 months off work and was ready to go back I should have probably gone back sooner. When we had Oscar I took only 8 months off and it seemed right. This time the 10 months off has gone so quickly. Alice is changing so much each day and I feel like I've missed it all. She is crawling, standing and eating more.

I think what is different this time is that I had never really left Alice. Me and hubby have had one night out and family have looked after her while I had doctors/hospital appointments but she had never been with anyone else for a full day, not even daddy.

Breakfast on the last day of maternity leave

To ease the transition hubby has taken two weeks off work while I do my first two weeks so I could get her used to being with someone else rather than also throwing her into a new environment of nursery too.  Over the last two weeks I have seen an amazing bond between daddy and daughter grow. She no longer shouts 'Mama' from her cot its 'Dada' she wants. She is now daddy's best friend she never really got a look in before. If daddy was home he was hounded by the boys and she didn't get a look in.

 Daddy being at home with the kids was going well. The first week he settled into a routine and caught up on our endless washing with a bit of help from some warm windy weather ready to get out and about on his second week seen as the only time ventured out o the house on the first week was the nursery run. The second week turned out to be the week of sick with Oscar and Ethan both being poorly. This is also the week Alice was teething and stopped her usual 12 hours of sleep (please don't hate me she is the only one that has really loved sleep) for in the night playtime/screaming with daddy.

I wasn't worried about returning to work, I've done it before but I wasn't quite prepared for all the changed that had happened while I'd been off. I have had my job for over 11 years and the first time I returned to work we had moved to a different town and it didn't seem as big a change as what I went back to this time. I felt like totally the new girl, due to big changes through the company people who have been there longer than me have left, there are lots of new faces and one of me best work friends is currently on maternity leave. Although the job hasn't changed I was a little lost for the first week. Second week was easier but I feel like I'm so slow at doing my job trying to get back in the swing of things. I now have two weeks off with the kids which is much needed


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