Pregnant AGAIN!!

I'm actually not expecting Jellyfish number 4 but it is exactly a year to the day since we found out we were expecting Jellyfish number 3, Alice. So I thought I'd share our little roller coaster journey on how we found out about her.

Alice - Jellyfish number 3

It all started with a comment from the hubby which was "You've not had a period in a while, do you think you might be pregnant?" I had had the contraceptive implant fitted back in January so I replied "The implant can stop periods, but I'll take a test to prove I'm not pregnant." I went out and bought a test, when I took it the was no doubt I was pregnant the line came up almost instantly no waiting was needed but between buying the test and taking the test I had started bleeding so we were a little worried.

I called NHS 111 but as no one had heard of someone getting pregnant with the implant nobody knew what to suggest. I was given an out of hours doctors appointment where they confirmed I was in fact pregnant but as the GP on duty had never heard of this happening he had to ring the hospital to find out what to do. The hospital decided I needed a scan to check the pregnancy was viable but being a Sunday the Early Pregnancy Unit was shut so was given the number to call to book an appointment in the morning.

The next morning I dropped the boys off at nursery and headed to work. I didn't know if the Early Pregnancy Unit would fit me in so thought it was best just to go to work and they didn't open till 9 to ring them anyway. At 9 I rang them but they couldn't see me as they didn't have any bloods for me so I needed to go to my GP to get bloods. I then rang the GP and I couldn't have bloods done without actually seeing the GP so from work I went back home to the doctors surgery where I saw a lovely GP who decided the best course of action was to have two blood tests 48 hours apart to check the pregnancy hormone levels were rising. From the GP's I went straight to the hospital for my blood tests, I have really bad veins so I usually go to the Pathology department when I need a blood test as they can use a children's needle and back to the hospital on my lunch break on the Wednesday for a repeat of the blood test.

I was told to ring my GP's on Thursday after 4 as they should have my results. I got a phone call around 3 from one of the doctors at the surgery. He told me that the blood tests had shown my hormone levels dropping rather than doubling like they were meant to and he had booked me in for a scan first thing the next morning to confirm the suspicions that the pregnancy wasn't viable. I just wanted to burst in tears but still had another two hours of work to do. I quickly rung hubby who arranged for the next day off work and for his sister to look after the boys as I didn't want them to come with us as we were expecting bad news,

Friday morning came and we quickly rushed round, got the boys to his sisters and  headed to the hospital. We went for the scan I couldn't look at the screen until the lady said "I can see the heartbeat, you look like your about 12 weeks." Total relief even though we weren't ready to have another baby this little miracle was already on her way. It turns out that my pill had failed so I was already pregnant when my implant was fitted.

Our Pregnancy Announcement - Jellybaby Number 3 


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